Wine pairing

Pairing: Harmonious combination of two elements.

An exquisite science thought for the palat, Wine Pairing. As we are currently in the grape-harvesting season, we would like to offer our readers a glimpse into the world of Wine Pairing. Nowadays, we all know more or less what this means and, in general, we all love the delightful union between wine and a […]

La Laja Restaurant

New flavors at La Laja

Gastronomy is a journey full of colours and flavours from the origins of the kitchen; a way by which we are gradually discovering the various faces and uses of ingredients and spices. Today we will take this path, led by Pablo Aznar and Restaurant La Laja Costa Adeje Gran Hotel. We start the tour by […]

World Environmental Day 5th of June

Our environment Earth is not only the place where we live, but the place that gives us life; nevertheless, the earth has limited resources and it is our duty, through sustainable measures, to conserve our habitat. In GF Hoteles we have realized the importance of pro-environmental actions taken by companies during their daily processes. For […]

Open air wedding

A dream wedding

A dream wedding. Making your day special is our motivation and we wish to adapt to your desires, tastes and personality. We are completely dedicated to each couple, to customize every detail from the opening cocktail, the menu, to the staging of the ceremony. Every wedding is unique and we want the Bride and Groom […]

Saint Patricks Day

Today is Ireland’s National Holiday, Saint Patricks Day – Lá Fhéile Pádraig , throught the years Saint Patrick has become one of the most famous celebrations world wide. From amazing parades in New York, dance festivals to friends gathering where green and Shamrock are the preferred colour and lucky symbol. On Tenerife we know best […]