GF Hoteles is a company in Grupo Fedola S.L., located in Tenerife. Its founder, Fernando López Arvelo has nurtured it especially, although this is his personal touch whenever he starts a new project.
A fervent supporter of constancy and effort, and a job well done, he started his commercial career at the young age of 12.

After many long years of work, together with his wife, his dreams have come true, culminating in the creation of a Company Group.

At GF Hoteles we are lucky that every day of the year Mother Nature gives us a warm temperature in this corner of the Tropic of Cancer, clean air with an Ocean scent to it, and a cared-for, protected landscape so that we can enjoy and admire it in its original state, such as it has been for the last millenniums in our Civilisation.

All of this makes us a safe bet for your sun and beach holiday combined with Nature. It makes us ideal for having time-out with your family or you’re your partner, and for all businessmen and professionals who know that combining peace and beauty with business makes everything easier to achieve.
Our hotels are strategically situated just a few metres away from the beach.

Over all these years, and specifically since 1972, we have been dedicated to looking after guests who choose our hotels, and we have learned two lessons above all.

First, we are here because you are here, and you are our only reason d’etre, and second, “Luxury is in the Details“.