Are you a Bartender? You have an appointment in Costa Adeje Gran Hotel

I always thought that knowing the combination and the proportion of a Daiquiri, a Caipirinha or a Cosmopolitan would allow me to define myself like an expert of cocktail shaker. It was only a matter of time to realize how wrong I was. Not long ago, I got to browse through the countless sites that are on the network and I discovered that for to be a connoisseur of cocktails it is almost essential to have a degree in Chemical Engineering.


Maybe it’s an exaggeration but judge yourself. I invite you to consult this list of the 55 essential cocktails of the digital newspaper “20 Minutos” If you know more than half, Congratulations! You can be considered a good amateur or as we say now, a Bartender!!, because here also exist trends The world of the cocktails is an art. In the entire world are true masters for persuading with the perfect combination and proportion of liqueurs, herbs, soft drinks and spices. Now in few days we will see and enjoy some of these “gurus” because Costa Adeje Gran Hotel will be the first Ibero American I Congress of headquarters Cocktail.

Competition and more. The event promises, I recognize that attracts me the idea to see live these contestants that makes the bottles fly and cocktail shakers, for later offering you an surprising and exquisite “potion”. Will also be time for different Master Class as we would reveal if exist the perfect Gin Tonic or to show the infinite possibilities of unity that the honey and wines of Tenerife have. The contest not only has the support of GF Hoteles also of the Association of Barmans of Tenerife, Ashotel and the Adeje council.

PROGRAMME: Propuesta 01

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