Immerse yourself in a unique adventure this holiday season.

Fun for the whole family throughout the year with 1-2 Dive.

In the Isabel Hotel we know how important it is for families, during their holidays, to have fun together, because Mum & Dad are looking for a little relaxation, while the children are looking for action.
In the hotel you will find many varied activities for all ages, from painting, mini disco to outdoor activities, but perhaps the activity that appeals to both adults and children is our introductory diving classes in collaboration with 1-2 Dive. Fun is guaranteed, and you don´t have to leave the hotel or bring your own diving equipment. 1 -2 Dive works with their own equipment and monitors, the activities can be done in our own pool for those starting out in this fantastic underwater world, or in the sea for those who are already more advanced. Book your adventure today at

Diving in Tenerife
Diving in Tenerife

The Tenerife seabed is very special, with its native fauna, such as the Viejas, Mantas and sea turtles. If you also consider the colourful Volcanic background, all this adds up to a great underwater adventure which is unique in Europe. Tenerife is known as an island with many diving spots of international attraction such as “Los Gigantes”, El Puertito in Armeñime, or Yellow Mountain.

An activity that is suitable for everyone.
An activity that is suitable for everyone.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to sign up for this adventure:

Groups of up to 4 people are allowed
I-2 Dive provides all necessary equipment including children´s sizes *
Before entering the water there are introductory classes so that everyone understands the techniques and has fun safely.
If you want to discover the sea, there are programmes combining pool and sea, always with a qualified instructor.
There are ½ day classes from 70 €; and up to 1 full day immersion in pool and sea from 110 € insurance included. **

Book now calling + 34 822 663670

* There are advanced programmes where the required equipment is not included in the price.
** Prices are per person / day, please check the prices for other programmes.
Go ahead and take home your memories of the greatest family adventure of your holiday in Hotel Isabel.

Isabel Family Hotel
Isabel Family Hotel

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